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Composition of Science and Bravery

The displayed are engineer instruments, defenses, implements, models of different engineer constructions from different epochs.  The exhibition is completed with documents, placards, photos, special uniforms, arms. Many of them are exhibited for the first time.  


Feat of the Country. Painting by A. Novosiolov

The exhibition features the works by St. Petersburg artist Aleksandr Novoselov dedicated to the World War II.  This subject became one of the main topics in Novoselov’s art.


Born on Battle Fields. Commemorating the 80th anniversary of establishing the Soviet Guards

The displayed are photos reflecting the history of forming the first guards units, their further development during World War II and the peace-time.  Battles with participation of these forces became an outstanding page in history of Soviet army and, thus, glorified the high rank of the Soviet warrior-guardsman forever.  


Defenders of the Fatherland. From Alexander Nevsky to Listeners

The exhibition presents the works by participants in the art competition which was arranged by the St. Petersburg Regional Organization of the All-Russian Blind Association.  The competition was aimed to create an image of protector of the Neva land and the besieged Leningrad.


Enola Not Gay Art Performance Act

The presented composition is an existential experience of the author concerning the tragedy of Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which suffered nuclear bombardment at the end of World War II.


“I will work while I breathe…” Commemorating the 150th anniversary of weapons designer F.V. Tokarev

The exhibition is dedicated to biography of famed Russian arms designer, whose talent revealed very different spheres.  Among exhibits rare photos of F.V. Tokarev and his family, numerous samples of arms he designed and adopted in the Soviet Army, as well as development and experimental models.  


At the Front and in the Rear. Artillery Historical Museum during World War II

The exhibition is dedicated to the work of the Artillery Museum during World War II.  The exhibits tell how people learned to do it in new conditions under martial law, how they survived and kept monuments of military glory during hard war times.


The exhibition shows unique objects – reductions of real “adult” arms, but made especially for children. Visitors can see exhibits which are rarely displayed, to include miniature sabers and swords, rifles, pistols, handguns, hunting weapons, etc.  Many of them have dedicatory inscriptions from members of the Russian imperial family.


A Soldier and a Saint

The exhibition presents painting and graphic works dedicated to Alexander Nevsky and his epoch.  Also among the exhibits are archaeological monuments from the 12th – 13th centuries telling about the fight of Old Russian state with foreign military aggression.  The point of real interest are modern reconstructions of arms and weapons, armature of Russian retainers, Livonian and Swedish knights, Horde warriors made on the base of historical research works from authentic materials according to ancient technologies. The exhibition is completed with objects of everyday life.